Architectural Photography

Photography by Nathaniel McMahon. Nathaniel is an architectural photographer and ex-architect from London that has been based in Beijing since 2006. Scroll down to view his portfolio, check out his blog on architectural photography or click the below button to follow him on twitter.





CCTV first lighting test OMA Rem Koolhaas. Shot by Architectural Photographer Nathaniel McMahon, Beijing - 2011

OMA - CCTV building

Boldon Glasses Boutique interior architecture photo

Boldon Vision Store, Sanlitun Village North Beijing - NC Design & Architecture Ltd.

Pak Loh restaurant, Times Square Hong Kong - NC Design & Architecture Ltd.

Hong Kong showflat interior bedroom image

Showroom Flat, Hong Kong - NC Design & Architecture Ltd.

View from village square of the new Vanke residential development

Vanke Residential Tower, Changchun China - Chiasmus Partners

Vanke Changchun - Chiasmus Partners

Changchun Vanke Clubhouse - Chiasmus Partners

Yanai Schools Project - Hainan

Bird's Nest stadium with torist posing for photo's outside

Bird's Nest Stadium - Herzog and De meuron

Drill time at new school in Hainan, Yanai Project

Yanai project school - Hainan

Residential tower, vanke properties, Changchun China.

Vanke Residential Tower, Changchun China - Chiasmus Partners

vanke residential clubhouse external wood parklex facade

Vanke Clubhouse, Changchun China - Chiasmus Partners

View of dormitory and students performing drills in square, Yanai Project

Yanai Schools Project - Hainan

Student looking out to incoming storm, Yanai Project

Yanai Schools Project - Hainan

Alan Yau restaurant interior, Sanlitun Beijing for wallpaper magazine

Alan Yau Restuarant Beijing - Wallpaper Magazine

Duddles HK, Wallpaper Magazine

Duddles Private Club, HK - Wallpaper Magazine

Interior shot of Tianjin eco development zone vantone showcase building.

Parklex - Vantone building, Tianjin Economic Development Zone

Construction site of Soho gallaxy, Beijing.

Soho Gallaxy construction site

Internal shot of gallaxy soho. Architecture by Zara Hadid

Zaha Hadid - Soho Gallaxy

Vanke show house, Tianjin China

Vanke Showhouse, Yingkou China - Parklex

Changsha luxury resort housing

Serviced apartments, Nanchang China - Parklex

Parklex timber cladding - Vantone - Tianjin

Beijing Zoo alligator pond

Beijing Zoo - Amphibious section

A photograph of molten steel being poured in a foundry

Bosch Steel Casting Plant - Dalian, China

Architectural detail of overlooking window. The image has quite a sinister look.

DNA - Songzhuang artists village

An unusual axample of architectural photography. Unprecendented photographer access into Beijings darkest prisons.  Beijing zoo'z Tiger enclosure.

Undisclosed Location - China


Landscape / Environment

Works on themes that are of a personal interest to me. Generally revolve around issues of dis-location, society and change.

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Burial mound by the side of the road
Near Landscape photographer Nathaniel McMahon's home. A kent countryside pastoral scene
kids and models wallowing in beijing's 798 art district
dumping ground in forest by car park
Landscape photography. A burial mount in beijing by side of road
accordian player in the shade of a tree
beijing ourskirt village
basketball player posters hanging on a bedroom wall in a mostly demolished house in Beijing
forest clearing, man with chainsaw
A clear blue sky and a complex system of overhead cables infront of a boarded up window using a poster of a waterfall. DongBa village on the outskirts of Beijing.
Worker pouring molten metal into mould in factory
Worker in CHina at polluted dusty factory

Portraits / People

Portrait of a driver relaxing between jobs in the new Soho Sanlitun shopping development.
Xu Bing writing new work

Artist Xu Bing - Goethe-Institut

portrait of beijing dog and girl


honk kong chungking mansions diy retailer portrait
Portrait photograph of a young spoilt looking girl in shopping cart at supermarket
Portrait photography from a series of pictures taken in one of Beijing's wet markets. This shot is of a woman selling fish. Portrait of a market trader in one of Beijing's wet markets.
Migrant workers on bridge in wangjing. A new town in Beijing
migrant toddler on building site Portrait photograph of a migrant todler with father pointing into the distance

Art Reproduction Photography

Specialised photography in the reproduction of artworks ranging from oil paintings to hotel installations. Art reproduction of works in situ at galleries, public spaces, hotels interiors or in a studio environment.

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Interior architecture shot of Jihye Song's painting instalation in Mulpa space 798, Beijing.

JiHye Song

Photography of a scultpure by artist Song Feel.  A paper Empire State building.

Song Feel

architctural detail of a model of the Empire State bulding

Song Feel

Contemporary Chinese artist Lin Guocheng oil painting

Lin Guocheng - Ku Art centre


Martin Wehmer - Sung Yung Kong

Martin Wehmer

All images © Nathaniel McMahon